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Caratteristiche Tecniche

Materiale: Acciaio S235

Verniciatura: a polvere

Dimensioni: 78 x 47 x H102

Confezione 2 pacchi:  1°105 x 50 x H 15 – 60 x 16 x H14

Peso: 20 kg


Genius Pro completo 10261

Genius 10260

Supporto anteriore 10268

Supporto posteriore 10267

Boccole 10269


Banco da lavoro per bici

Workbench for bike maintenance, ideal for all specialised stores. Designed specifically to be able to place the bike in any configuration with or without wheels, and be able to work with the smallest possible footprint, to facilitate its use.

There are two versions available: the Pro version (art 10261), complete with all supports, and the basic version (art 10260) with the predisposition to accommodate any supports purchased separately.