Caratteristiche Tecniche

Materiale: Acciaio S235

Verniciatura: a polvere

Dimensioni: 115 x 55 x H105

Confezione: 115 x 60 x H 30

Peso: 45 kg


Genius Max 10254

Supporto manubrio 10266

Accesori inclusi


Professional bike maintenance stand

In the development of Genius Max, nothing has been left to chance, every detail has been designed to facilitate the work of mechanics, to provide the smallest possible space and to keep the bike stable on the bench.

There are four support points available: in the bottom bracket to best support the weight of the bike, in the front to secure the bike when the wheels are mounted, through the special bushings available for all frames and forks, and two attachments, one at the rear and one at the front to anchor the bike by using the through pins.

The leverage system to hold the bike steady with the through pins is part of a careful project patented by Officine Parolin to ensure the stability of the bike during maintenance.

The Genius Max stand has a large drawer, to store the most used tools and the indispensable wheel center in the front part of the workbench.