Caratteristiche tecniche

Materiale: Acciaio S235

Verniciatura: a polvere

Dimensioni chiuso: 150 x 60 x H 25 cm

Dimensioni aperto: 150 x 60 cm- H 63 cm piano di lavoro- H 135 supporto movimento centrale

Confezione: 60 x 150 x H 30

Peso: 48 kg


Agilis 10264

Supporto manubrio 10266

Agilis + supporto manubrio 10265

Accessori inclusi


Agilis the bike stand designed for the maintenance of e-bikes but not exclusively

With Agilis, Officine Parolin has completed the range of workbenches for the maintenance of bicycles, offering support created to solve the problem of very heavy electric bicycles.

In recent years e-bikes have become more and more popular and for mechanics, the fact that they weigh twice as much as a normal bike can be a problem; Agilis helps to overcome this problem. The workbench lifter is equipped with hydraulic pistons that facilitate the lifting of any bike from the ground.

When fixed, through the appropriate adapters available for each model of bike and fork, with a minimum effort you can lift the bike on the workbench at an adjustable height according to your work needs.

It is possible to fix the bike to the bench in different configurations: keeping both wheels, removing one or leaving only the frame.

There are four anchoring systems available: one for the wheels, one in the central block and two for fixing the fork or frame by means of the through axle in the absence of wheels.

The anchoring of the through-axle through a practical lever is a system patented by our company, the outcome of numerous studies and tests, a system suitable for locking any type of bike.

Among the available options, you can find the handlebar support, useful during the maintenance of the forks.