Material: Alloy

Painting: Powder Paintings

Sizes: 240 x 78 x H110

Folded sizes: 130 x 25 x H25

Weight: 9.5 kg

Max Load: 150 kg

Item SKU

Team 10093

Optional transport bag 10097

The E-TEAM stand is perfect to be transported and to support even the heaviest bikes.

With a reinforced structure, it can support a load up to 150 kg, a choice dictated by the increase in sales of e-bikes. With this bike stand, you can in fact support up to 6 e-bikes without any problem.

Easy to disassemble and fold, allowing it to be transported easily to the race tracks. In the support skirt of the saddle, there is a rubber strip, for a non-slip grip and it does not affect the saddle.


With the practical bag, it is even easier to transport and carry around.