Suitable for: any kind of bike

Material: Steel S235

Painting: Powder Paintings

Galvanizing: silver

Weight and Dimensions:

Item SKU 10368 – 1 slot: 9 x 9 x H 6cm / 0.5 kg

Item SKU 10800 – 2 slots: 36 x 45xm / 2 kg

Item SKU 10850 – 4 slots: 76 x 45 cm / 3.8 g

Item SKU 10900 – 6 slots: 126 x 45 cm / 4.6 kg

A wall-mounted bike rack to keep your bike upright and save space in your garage. The wall bike rack is definitely the easiest solution to save space in the garage, provided that you are willing to drill holes in the wall and in the case of very heavy bikes, it may be difficult to lift the bike.

Available in different versions depending on the needs, from the single hook to the version with 6 hooks.

For those who want to save space and want a more practical stand that does not require the use of a drill or other tools, we recommend the Vertical.