Material: Acciaio S235 o acciaio inox

Color: verniciato a polvere

Measure: 44 x 41 x H37

Weight: 2.5 kg

Single pack: 47 x 18 x H42

Multipack 5pcs: 49 x 43 x H33

Available colors: grey, chrome, light blue, stainless steel

Price: 39.00€ (inox 79.00€)


Stabilus: 2089

Stabilus Inox: 2088

Junction plugs Stabilus: 2087

! Stabilus, the universal stand patented by Officine Parolin!



Stabilus, the universal stand patented by officine parolin

Distinguished by its innovative wheel support system with a mechanical lever operated by the weight of the bike

  • extreme practicality in inserting and extracting the bike
  • it is truly universal, from racing bikes to e-bikes Plus, including all mtb and trekking bikes with mudguards
  • stability, on Stabilus the bike is safer than on any other stand
  • it keeps the bike perfectly stable and perpendicular both on the rear and front wheel
  • it supports the tire only, avoiding the need to rub the spokes and frame
  • 100% made in Italy

Officine Parolin is well aware that one of the main problems of every bicycle is how to store it when we are not riding. Thanks to our many years of experience in ironworking, we have sought a solution to this problem, designing a bike stand with a special design and characterised by unparalleled practicality.

Designed and built entirely in our factories, Stabilus is the first universal bike stand, suitable for all bikes.  From racing bikes to plus bikes, including city bikes and the 29s.

Made of steel, Stabilus is available in 3 different colours as well as a special version made of stainless steel suitable for resisting the most diverse atmospheric conditions, whether outside in the rain or at the seaside in the presence of salty air.

Ideal for keeping in the garage or for displaying bikes in stores, Stabilus allows bikes to be easily removed and just as easily stored. It is possible to carry out small maintenances on the bike because of its great stability and the possibility to rotate the cranks.