Made in Italy Bike Stands
From Design to realization
Bike stands professional

Work phases

The HEART of your product comes from here.

Laser cutting, tube bending, micro-bead blasting, welding, aesthetic finishing are our cutting-edge techniques in metalworking.

The assembly, testing and shipping (packaging) ensure the “quality” of our work on the finished product.

Bike stands

We decided to use our experience to create a line of products under our  brand, which reflects our passion and origins. The bike stands are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy in our factories, to meet the needs of the most demanding service centers and bikers.

Application sectors

We have dedicated ourselves to the processing of iron and sheet metal for years, venturing into various production sectors, both with complete articles and with the subcontracting of parts.

We work iron, stainless steel and drawn aluminium products of any shape; which makes us versatile, multifaceted and technically ready for any demand.

Welcome to Officine Parolin

Iron, aluminium and stainless steel are worked with the most modern technologies, combined with 30 years of experience of artisans in continual training.

The technical skills and the precision that set us apart, transforms profiles, tubes and sheets into high-quality Italian products.

The customer is accompanied through the creation of their product, from conception to final packaging, with the enthusiasm and passion of those who love their work.

Bike Stands

The experience of our designers and the flexibility of the processing department, has allowed us to offer a line of bike stands featuring functional and unique products that wink at the Design with minimalist solutions. The real evolution took place with Stabilus and it doesn’t stop there.


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